Last Year’s Pop Out Big Tits

As we move down our list of those breasts that gotten the most clicks we head into the category of Big Tits, I want to add a little clarity. Those lovely ladies in last month’s category of Huge Naturals, actually got the least amount of clicks. Our number one for Big Tits actually also got so much attention only the One that takes the Tip Top Tops for 2020 could beat her. For those that wonder what makes a model qualify for Big Tits it breaks down into two ways. For natural breasts they have to be triple D’s to be considered Big Tits. For enhanced breasts they have to be one cup size larger, which would be a G cup to be big tits. If they go to Triple G cup, the breasts have gone on to Huge Tits while natural breasts have to be only Double G Cup. Lastly I try to go by the size of of model at the time of posing. Some go up and down the bra size scale. There is only one woman I think is intentionally under reporting her Big Tits, and that’s Dolly Parton. One example of a Model that has traveled up and down the the bra isle at different points in her career is Linsey Dawn McKenzie. When she too young for America, she started posing she already had Huge Tits of natural Double G. You will not find those pictures here. As her career blossomed, so did her figure and topped out somewhere near Double H. After a time, she tried to settle down and to show commitment, she had a breast reduction down to a Double D. You will not find those pictures here. This would still have her as Huge Naturals in my book. Her career choices changed and she got implants and went back into the business. She never could recapture that magic of her large natural breasts. At present she has an F Cup, which keeps her out of the Big Tits category. The link provided will show some of her changes as she posed with her sister & niece. And If you’re enjoying this content, Become a Patron!

Wanda & Zaira Nara

Wanda Got into modeling and tried billing herself as a Professional Virigin, and then a Sex Tape of her dropped. Her sister got into her line of work,

Thankfully the younger sister does not fall into the pit traps of her sister and claims her older sister was always the headline maker. She’s just happy to be sitting off to the left of her spot light.

Taylor Wane

She’s been taking her kit off so we can get our rocks off for decades. She shown her boobs since they were nice and natural til they were enormous and enhanced. I am not giving this British bird a vintage tag because most of her stuff was less than ten years ago.

Yamila Diaz-Rahi

Men don’t often sneak into my postings, but when a rare model goes topless in photos with him, I make and exception. No one has to tell our current model how to fill out a bikini. She does a fine job all on her own. And for the record if you can’t see the toes they don’t get the feet tag.

Kelsey Berneray

This huge natural redhead likes showing off her goods in public. If only every woman felt this comfortable with her sexuality. Some do the pierced nipples for show and some do it for pleasure. For her I’m hoping it’s the later. And she is out top Huge natural, but Not our top big tits. Next we go bigger and do our top 3 big tits.

Alyssa Alps

She has another tattoo on her butt that says Hot Stuff with the Harvey Character of the same name. She only ever got naked, never showed you her tonsils and rarely posed with any one else. If you want to see her with other models, she did one video for Score Magazine for the Boob Cruise. I don’t know if she even shared the screen with anyone even in this video.

Lindsey Pelas

When she posed as a cybergirl for Playboy she was only a Triple D which is what qualified her for huge naturals. Some time after she posed though, which were the not the content of her previous posts, she has claimed to have gotten three cup sizes bigger. She is now qualified for big tits tag. Clearly you can see why this promoter of products is clearly having the eyes of Instagram following her. She gets a cosplay credit for her Sheena of the Jungle. And is our number 2 for 2020 for her huge naturals.

Jackie Gayda

It doesn’t matter if she’s a blonde or brunette this former Diva will happily work up a sweat with you. But this happy mother of three would rather bounce one of her kids on her knee than her bod in the ring. I just hope she is getting all the action she can handle.

Alana & Leilani Soares

Only 19 when she became Playmate of the Month for 1983, Alana soon roped her younger sister into the parties and adventures she was having as a playmate. They made the briefest of 5 seconds appearance in Beverly Hills Cop 2 play volleyball for the team in white bikinis. Alana is very noticeable thanks to hear height and actually looking towards the camera from where she was positioned on the court. Alana never performed for a Video Calendar for playboy, but she did some smaller bits, so I have clipped out and made GIFs of anything worthy. Enjoy.

Jaid & Drew Barrymore

They might not of always seen eye to eye, but what the revealed was an eyeful none the less.

When her daughter Drew posed for Playboy she choose to prove she still had what it takes and pose a few months after her Daughter

She has carved herself a path through Hollywood and is still standing on the other side. She wasn’t scared of even exploiting herself in her Charlie’s Angel Films.