Check her bra’s tag first

Okay I’m happy with the changes I’ve made. but I am going to shift some things up. Every 10th, will now be Big tit day. and my normal chat on the 15th, will be pushed back to the 20th.

What is Big tit day? It’s a day of G cup or bigger for the enhanced ladies. F cup or bigger for the natural ladies. This translates to also allowing the triple D cups for naturals, double FF for enhanced, because they normally try to avoid the E cup sizing. For the few that actually call them selves triple E and are enhanced, they also qualify.

Why only one day? There aren’t that many models who fill out to this size. even if you check my tags now very few are in it.

New Tagging system.

If the picture, Not the model, is from the 80’s or later its gets the vintage tag

If the Model is wet with water, Not oil, or standing in water, they get the new water tag.

If the model is clothed or covering herself in all the pictures I post they get the tag clothes.

If the Model has muscle tone, they get the tag fitness.

if the model qualifies for big tit day, they get the big tit tag.

If the natural model has at least double D’s they get the huge naturals tag.

The only question I want to know is. Would you like me to use a huge enhanced tag for those that are enhanced to triple D, but aren’t big enough for big tit day?

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