The Long and the Short of Tit

After doing some thinking and seeing the popularity of my lone entry tag midget, to add Height tags to my posts. I no longer think the word midget is politically correct so I will be using the tag Little as short hand for Little Person. Little will be 5’0″ and shorter. Short will be 5’0.5″ to 5’2″. Amazon will be 5’10” to 5’11.5″. While 6′ and taller will be Giantess. This is because the world average high for female is 5’3″ and the American average 5’6″. I think this creates a fair grading for height. Remember D cups on a small frame look huge, but put them on an Amazon and suddenly they look average. Yes, I’m American so you all have to deal with feet and inches. I’m not going metric for you at all.

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