Curvature of the Earth

The Idea of the “Curvature of the Earth” is the explanation of how tall ships seemed to sink as they dropped off the edge of the world as they sailed beyond the horizon.  They were tall enough that they could still be seen beyond the horizon, but as they continues they appeared to sink. In the world of large breasted ladies, this can happen to the nipple. Now this is very apparent on models like Rachel Alana, granted she is a K-cup model even at the start of her career. Sometimes on Models with small aureolas like Minka the large and prominent Nipple can still be seen standing tall poking out beyond the horizon of her breast while the aureola isn’t visible. I will give you visual examples of these too ladies so you can see what I mean. And I’m using a natural and an enhanced Model so you can see it’s just some that happens with the large breasted ladies regardless of how they got that way. This is just one of my personal observations that I felt I needed to share with all those that love large breasts.

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