Clothed or Covered and Cosplay

I’m going to spell out the differences between these two tags a little clearer for everyone. Clothed is when all the pictures the subject in question are clothed both upstairs and downstairs. Covered is when another item of cloth other than clothes is obscuring her lovelies. If your hands are covering her bosom it does not count as covered. Even if she’s doing what is referred to as a hand bra is account clothes. Dressing up as a sexy nurse does not count as cosplay. But cosplay is not limited to comic book related characters. Movie and Television related characters also qualify. So simply putting a Nurse Ratchett name badge on the sexy nurse turns it into cosplay. And for those who have never read the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest the original Nurse Ratchett was supposed to be a very feminine woman.

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