Tag Cleaning Up

So here is how I draw lines to create difference between some of the tags.

Badonk is when the model has that cleavage between but and top of thigh.

Badonkadonk is when there is a sharp change from the slope of her back to the top of her butt.

Tattoo is when there are three or less small tattoos. No tramp stamps.

Tattoos is when it’s big and obvious tattoo in the layout. So if it’s covered up by clothes is falls down to tattoo

Suckle is when one woman is suckling another woman’s nipple, not when she’s licking it with her tongue. Or when she’s suckling her own. I am thinking of doing this one, calling it Self-Suck, since there are no penises, I think it is a safe tag.

At one point I will be taking the two posts with the Tag Puffy and Puffies folding them into Puffy.

Puffy is when the aureola is puffed up from her being such a young developing woman.

Nerp is when she has a large thick nipple, and is not a direct indicator of her nipples being aroused.

Nerd is only when the model has shown proper Nerd Credit or has a Nerdy look to her, as someone else coined the word. Adorkable.

Glasses is when she is wear glasses, not that she needs glasses, and not shades.

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