Breasts are not Sacks of Fat

Recently on a Youtube video I witnessed a woman twice declare that breasts were sacks of fat. I felt this was a safe enough space for me to complain about it without any blow back. These supposed sacks of fat are 80 percent glandular and 10 percent skin. I have seen lots of woman who are fat and yet have no breasts. It is a direct reflection of high estrogen levels in a female. Mammary growth happens with estrogen and Grown Hormone. So as a woman develops she swells showing her femininity and how fertile she is by the curve of her bosom. Not to mention how pleasing to the eye circles within circles within circles are to everyone. I can understand that her point of view is from a heterosexual female that isn’t attracted to breasts. Anthropological studies have shown that heterosexual males are drawn to common feminine markers; the curve of the hip or buttocks, the fullness of her pouty lips or soft jawline, the slender of her waist be it high or low, and finally the swell of her bust. So I think her point of view is narrow and she was ill informed on her choice of subject even though she had a nice pair herself. Check the link and gauge her for yourself.

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