Top tops of Last Year

I have opted to do a list, but it shall not follow any standard top 10 format. This is mostly because of how I try to promote the site. So I will do one top post of Posts. Then top three of the size categories. So there will a top three of Huge Tits, Big tits and Huge Naturals. They don’t have to be posted in the previous year. And those that went up the year before will have their numbers divided so I can figure out which were truly the top tops. So if one posted at the end of June of that year, I count all the visits the page got, even if it was from the same person, and divide that number by the number of months it was up for last year. Now I will work from Naturals through February, posting them on the 15th, 20th and the 25th. In March I will do Huge Naturals , posting the same days. In April I will cover the Big Tits, though I might need a tarp (joking). In May on the 20th you’ll get the final Tit Top Top. By being the Breast in Show, the winner is kept off the other lists. And I’m telling you all this now, to prevent anyone from tilting the numbers.

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