Erika Eleniak

Before & After with Erika Eleniak

As your eyes you can see, her choice of plastic surgery did wonders for her figure. Her career sparked when she had to kiss Eliot in E.T. From there she did a horror movie and some TV acting. Her career charged ahead when she did what is often seen as the pilot for Baywatch which was called ‘Baywatch: Panic at the Malibu Pier’. That year she also came out as a Playmate Centerfold, Miss July 1989. They even used her issue as a movie prop in the movie Under Siege. When she came back for the Baywatch series she thought it was going to be like a Cop drama but with lifeguards, which for the first season it kind of was. When the second season started that all changed.

In an interview with Esquire Magazine, her male co-stars revealed that when Erika came back for season two she had gotten her implants. As the filming began, she started wearing coats and covering up. In her defense, she admitted that when they filmed Baywatch empty beaches were required, so they film in the winter months. It was still southern California, but cold at least for that part of the world. She also saw which way the wind was blowing and asked for the writers to write her out of season three. She was only in the first two episodes of that season which was a two-parter. Pamela Anderson was introduced and more titillating programing permiated the series. Erika wanted to get back into film. She went from the aforementioned Under Siege to Elly May Clampett in a movie version of the Beverly Hillbillies. Chasers was next and it did not do well even with Erika doing sex scene to spice up the film. Her last big movie was Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood. The film had nudity, none of it was hers as she played a prudish character but got a lot of screen time. In one scene Angie Everhart’s character feels up Erika’s character who was tied down. The film clearly used a body double to achieve the shot. From there, her goals change, and she took smaller roles. I’m not sure if her choice to go for the upgrade helped her career at all. I think she still would have landed the Under Siege role and coming off of Baywatch certainly gave her name recognition. The third season of Baywatch exploded in popularity as many adolescence exploded into puberty. From the few interview she has given, she doesn’t talk about anything she’s had done cosmetically. Nicole Eggert, whom she shared the small screen with, went on to work on Baywatch and Nicole got implants. Baywatch’s producers have come forward to say that neither of them were ever asked to do that. Nicole has been a bit more forward about the work she’s had done and then undone. Maybe some day Erika will come forward and talk about her former implants. If you’re still reading this here’s a link to a ton more GIFs I made of her.

Even under the compression of her bathing suit, she’s as busty as she was without implants naked. Maybe that was the disconnect. I heard she also got a bunch of tattoos on her arms which is often done when a person wants to retake ownership of her body back. I’m sorry for what the lens of Hollywood put you through my dear.

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