Before I Go And Here After

Hope you all liked the review of the top tits. I don’t know if I’ll do it like that again next year. I do feel that went well. I’m not promoting Breast Centeric View like I did last year. If anyone has any tips in that regard, I am open to ideas. The seconds on the 7’s is going to have to run it’s course, as I think it’s good, but it is getting harder to find new content. So unless anyone of you have some ladies you’d like to nominate, that series has an end in sight. Lastly, my new before and after series is only 7 playmates long, and this is intentional. I am liking the progress on the Before and After posts. I know there are other women who have gotten implants and then posed for Playboy, but there needs to be enough before material and enough after material. Now if you like the content her why not support it, you’ll get access to many funny GIFs I’ve personally made at my Patreon site. I don’t do this for profit. I do this for fun and there are no ads on my site so Become a Patron!

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