Peggy McIntaggart

Implants can’t implant talent.

She went from a bit part nude scene in a Movie with Jeff Goldblum into a blink and you’ll miss it appearance in Beverly Hills Cop 2. After this it looked like her luck was changing she got front and center rolls in productions that were B movies. She got to keep her clothes on in Phoenix the Warrior, and in Lady Avenger she was not only the lead, but it was a revenge film. She only had a brief topless love scene in Lady Avenger. The GIF to that can be seen here. She then gets a smaller roll in a Tommy Chong production. She plays a Band groupie and has one nude scene where she gets down to her undies before getting into the tub with Tommy Chong. It’s good to be the director, lead actor, writer and producer. She is no prude. She was Miss Nude World 1981 when she was 20, but she was only competing against fifteen other contestants. She had also done bikini contests up in Canada. When trying to get work in Hollywood, she posed for Playboy.

She made two small layout appearance before test shooting for a centerfold. The First was just called Legs, while the second was Denim Daze. It gave her a taste and she worked with Playmate of the Year, Barbara Edwards. She doesn’t talk about her implants but clearly this was the choice made to help with the loss of the blossom of her youth and she would become a playmate. Even in her test shoot she doesn’t have her implants yet. and they don’t look that bad. She certainly had more curve than she did in the Tommy Chong movie. But look at this last comparison she looks like a B-cup in demin daze compared to her D-cup size in her layout.

After being a playmate, she made a single scene appearance on Baywatch, where she actually got lines. She then got the only non-nude supporting lead role, in yet another B movie. The Gifs of some of the good bits are on the same aforementioned GIF link. Now I don’t know what happened in the three years between the movie and her appearance on Herman’s Head, but she could act. She posed in a Hot Rod Magazine in between. Maybe it could of been the director bringing out her talent, but on Herman’s Head she had a double role as the playmate Herman imagined her to be in his mind, and as the actual playmate in the real world that was more a person and less the plaything he had imagined. But after that her goals changed and either Hollywood stopped calling or Peggy moved on. She did appear in some Glamour Cons. which if you all did not know is where playmates, adult models and even porn stars go to met their fans and help stir up interest in themselves. Here at Breast Centeric View as can only hope that Glamour Con will continue in the times to come.

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