Times They Are a Changing

*Tip Jar Rattles*

Okay, I hate to ask, but I keep this site, Ad free, Cookie free, Virus Free, Malware Free, and Spyware free. I want to have enough room to host everything here, but I can’t. So currently all Gif Images are now shifting to off-site links. This is so I can save on storage and keep posting daily. I can go to a higher tier, but I’m already paying to host this site. So I am basically asking for tips. I’m not looking to make profit, and will enforce a break even on my patreon page. It costs $180 for two years and 13GB. I am currently at over 90 percent of my 6 GB that I currently pay for. I will keep off loading the Gif images as they are the largest and I will do what I can to keep this place organized and ad free. I put a simple tip option, give a buck and that’s great. You want to get something out of it, I’ll let you dictate some content of your liking for just a Sawbuck. You want to control a whole weekend worth of content for only fifteen. Now let’s say you love the content and want an entire collection of a Lady. as long as she isn’t over exposed or controlling her image I’ll collect what I have and what I can get for you and everyone else won’t get it til weeks later for $20. Once I hit $180, I will upgrade my tier, hold back from off-siting more gif images, and I will close my Patreon page until I get with in 6 months of renewing.

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