Putri Cinta

This Indonesian beauty stands at just 5 foot two which lets her snake Asian short and Brown sugar. She’s gotten implants since her Playboy picture days and now has qualified for Breast Centric View.

Next Clarifier, Because these are Indy Comics, the Comic had to not intentionally be an Adult Comic. Here We see that Shi, got Naked on Page 1 of her book. but it was done Tastefully. using Hair and Shadow to cover her up so it would not be an adult publication, unlike say Lady Domino which featured a Heroine that got naked often in her adventures for pure titillation. Last Publication of Shi 2008

7 Zatanna

Yes she’s on of my favorites, but for a long time she was locked in bad costumes, like the purple caped one, and the underwear one from Flashpoint. Keep her to corset and stockings guys and you’re golden.