Judy Landers

I wanted to do a segment on the Woman that Sang the song Tits and Ass in the Show Chorus Line, but at a B-Cup I couldn’t touch her, but her Sister thought she was an enhanced C-cup and also posed with her in Playboy. No nudity, but still she was a happy memory form the 80’s, lots of TV and some film work.

It was 1980 something . . .

When I was a young man in the 80’s having posters up on my walls was one of the early ways I expressed that I was attracted to the opposite sex. When Samantha Fox hit the scene I knew which attribute attracted me most. There were many Ladies that Graced my Walls. Kathy Smith and Roberta Vasquez have already been featured. The downside is a lot of them were No Names. A few model and some playmates even Vanna White Got in on Posters in the 80’s . Most though were just in and out and gone. So I am going to post my old posters here. If anyone knows who they actually are I’d love to know, I think I might of figured one, but I’m still uncertain on the rest.