3 Lady Death

I actually got the First Appearance sign by both Artist and writer at a comic book convention before they made it big. Evil Ernie never took off like his Mistress Lady Death. Not all the Cosplayers can pull off her completely white eyes, But a lot of them certainly Fill out her tops.

10 Sheena / Jungle Girl

At One point Jungle girl was an umbrella title given to a host of female characters who were jungle savvy and wore a skimpy outfit. So I have given the 10 Spot to the most prominent one from the Early Days, Sheena and the latest one from Frank Cho Jungle Girl herself.

Next on our List is Razor and she is her to point one of of the few reasons why an Indy Comic can loose some point for a character that might be on this list. When she was first published Razor was a Black and White Comic. And I even owned a print of the top image, but she could still not be on this list as her last comic was 2010.

Next we have a Lady that needed for me to put in a clarifier. A Pin-up Collection is not a comic book. There must be Story and Content. Joe Linsner is an Amazing artist, but he hasn’t put out a story for his beloved Dawn since 2005. Described as drawing his feminine side. he always draw her naked and then added clothes. I have included two shots of Dawn from
Julius Zimmerman who I only recently Learned Passed away. You more than your art, will be missed.

Patricia Farinelli Was a Party girl from her layout till becoming born again in 1984, but still promotes Playboy and it’s brand and is pleased with her time for those years. Now she lives the life of a good mom and enjoys a quieter life. But here’s to those Happy Memories of her misspent youth.  This download includes her profile video.