Ashley Massaro

I will use Ashley Massaro to illustrate the difference between the tags piercing and pierced. If it’s the nipples they are pierced. If it is anywhere else that’s odd, it is a piercing. This includes Labia, clitoral hood, lips, eyebrow, and a bull nose ring. nose studs, tongue rods, belly button rings, and multiple ear rings, don’t get noted in anyway.

Honorable Mention #2

Batgirl ‘Batman’ Yvonne Craig

Even with all the green skinned Orion slave girl Marta set aside. When this brunette donned a red wig and got into her purple costume, she put a bunch of adolescences through puberty early. This actress oozed confidence and slink though scenes even when she wasn’t in costume.

Kimberly Mcarthur

She was Busy in Hollywood, but wanted to go serious, I think her music Video was her last try to get her career off the ground before she gave up. Where ever you are, Kimberly Mcarthur, you left a big impression on every guy who admired your body of work. And trust me, her body was a piece of work.  This time more movies in the downloads so enjoy.

Amanda Brunker

I am so sorry this one is not a covered up queen. She had a reduction because her natural Double G cup beauties where hurting her back. I have heard there are things that can be done to work out the back to prevent this pain and to keep her as lovely as she was. British writer Amanda Brunker

Poison Ivy

In honor of my birthday I am going to count down the top ten boobs in DC comics starting with Honorable mentions. Here is Poison Ivy. As she is no longer mammalian, I don’t think we can call what she has as boobs That being she always did like to show them off as small as the often were.