The Makings of a Bimbo

I have been working on how to be describe how an entry earns this tag. It is not a measure of promiscuity. It is not a measure of breast size, though implants play a part. It is not a measure of confidence. When I think of a bimbo confidence is the opposite of what they have.

Long hair of any color way past the shoulder and porn star level makeup.

They need to feel worshiped and loved, there is a hollowness that they are trying to fill and being loved and admire for their appearance plays a part. They have to have some plastic surgery, though it doesn’t have to be implants. The plastic surgery, could of been liposuction, having a rib removed, lip fillers, having their nose shaved to remove a bump, buttock implants. They have to look overly made up. They have to look too perfect. You almost mistake them for something Photoshoped. They are always in the littlest amount of clothes, though not always naked. They wear make-up to the pool. Even when not wearing heels their foot some to take on an arch as if they still were in heels. And in their eyes, there is a broken sex doll quality to them. A vacant stare that often looks puzzled. They are often submissive, but always start out in the real world as something that isn’t a real woman, and yet is still before you and as real as anyone else. They normally have all their pubic hair removed. The tramp stamp tattoo is optional.

Aletta Ocean is the personification of being a Bimbo. She has ha multiple plastic surgeries over her career as a porn star and always wears heavy makeup. While Below, Angela White similar in every way isn’t a bimbo. She naturally has big boobs, loves sex and rarely wears heavy makeup. Most importantly no plastic surgery.

What a bimbo is truly, a manifestation of pure sexual desire. either by the viewer or the viewed. She either wants to let go of all of the difficulties and challenges of life so that another, man or woman can keep her in a comfortable life or whomever she is with wants a partner that can only satisfy their sexual wants and no other aspect of their relationship. I know this sounds anti-bimbo, but personally I like them in fantasy only. In reality is it a whole different complication that can only make a relationship harder. But we aren’t here for that. We’re here for the titillation.

In the end, what is hot, will be posted bimbo or not. I will endeavor to keep things a blend of ladies who are either blessed or can afford to look like they are gifted and always Breast Centric.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Originally a Coworker asked I look into this Canadian Actress. And although she has never done a scene where she shows off all her good bits she does love to tease us. She definitively filled out more after she had her child, motherhood looks good on her. at least we got the one shot of her topless thanks to artist photography.