Choose, Bust Choose Swell.

It is easy for anyone to gain a sense of a positive view of models choosing to enhance their bust from reading the posts here at Breast Centric View.  Today this post is going to clear up the views so it’s on the record. Previously, it has been stated  that reductions are always okay when a life is on the line. Merilyn Sakova was renown for her huge breasts, but when a doctor started finding lumps she had a reduction and that ended her modeling career. Her life is more important that her large breasts.

Many Models also run into problems with their implants. Karen McDougal has famously gone on the record of the number of physical ailments that she was suffering with her implants so she got them removed. Kitten Natividad was famously worried that if she got her implants removed that she would no longer recognized by her fans.

The choice to get any surgery for what ever reason is always the choice of the model. We never look to any model demand she get surgery. Some Models that choose to go under the knife choose to so they can return closer to their shape when the model was in her prime. If a model chooses to do so an yet is under the age of twenty-two , then she has chosen foolishly. Sometimes women who even get reductions before turning twenty-two find that a year or two after surgery their breasts have grown back. Now imagine for a young woman’s eighteen birthday her well to do parents pay for her to finally get the breasts she always wanted. She later finds out that they grow even bigger because many women experience growth till they are twenty-two.

Hollywood and the media put such pressures on woman and how they view their body. Some women get reductions others get implants. Here were’ going to look at seven different Playboy models, Most of them Playmates and examine how their choice effected them and their career. Starting in May, every other Tuesday a new one will be posted. One of them has been featured before. We will go from one end of the spectrum to the other. In the end supporting the choice of the model and what she is sporting is the position of Breast Centric View. If a model is unhappy about her choice it will show in her work, which we will see with our first posting on May 11th. If you like the content here do consider Becoming a Patron! Where you will find more of my personally made breast centered joke GIFs.

Last Year’s Pop Out Big Tits

As we move down our list of those breasts that gotten the most clicks we head into the category of Big Tits, I want to add a little clarity. Those lovely ladies in last month’s category of Huge Naturals, actually got the least amount of clicks. Our number one for Big Tits actually also got so much attention only the One that takes the Tip Top Tops for 2020 could beat her. For those that wonder what makes a model qualify for Big Tits it breaks down into two ways. For natural breasts they have to be triple D’s to be considered Big Tits. For enhanced breasts they have to be one cup size larger, which would be a G cup to be big tits. If they go to Triple G cup, the breasts have gone on to Huge Tits while natural breasts have to be only Double G Cup. Lastly I try to go by the size of of model at the time of posing. Some go up and down the bra size scale. There is only one woman I think is intentionally under reporting her Big Tits, and that’s Dolly Parton. One example of a Model that has traveled up and down the the bra isle at different points in her career is Linsey Dawn McKenzie. When she too young for America, she started posing she already had Huge Tits of natural Double G. You will not find those pictures here. As her career blossomed, so did her figure and topped out somewhere near Double H. After a time, she tried to settle down and to show commitment, she had a breast reduction down to a Double D. You will not find those pictures here. This would still have her as Huge Naturals in my book. Her career choices changed and she got implants and went back into the business. She never could recapture that magic of her large natural breasts. At present she has an F Cup, which keeps her out of the Big Tits category. The link provided will show some of her changes as she posed with her sister & niece. And If you’re enjoying this content, Become a Patron!

DMCA Busted Boobs, But Not Tits Up Yet

Some of you may not have noticed this but occasionally I have to take something down. I source my images from the web, and not everyone is receptive over how I’m using their intellectual property. Some, I am sure, see this as a form of advertising for a webcam model or Onlyfans girl. Other see as a stirring of interest in a less popular or former model hoping to state a buzz. In the end, I’m just here to share my love of boobs. If I am in anyway working with a model promoting her, I will state it and as of today this has never happened. Now some holders of the intellectual property as asked me to take their stuff down. I will always do this immediately. I am not here to debate fair use. I’m am not here to make a profit, hence the lack of ads. So let me go on the record here, if you see your intellectual property here and you want it down, No problem. If you see some of your stuff here, and wished I put up better pictures, send them to me and I’ll fit you in. If some guys want to donate to my patreon to help drive down my personal costs to run this site, great. Should I ever break even, will shut down the patreon. At my Patreon, I have comical GIFs collected from TV and a few movies, most I have made myself. Here is three samples, Become a Patron!

Top tops of Last Year

I have opted to do a list, but it shall not follow any standard top 10 format. This is mostly because of how I try to promote the site. So I will do one top post of Posts. Then top three of the size categories. So there will a top three of Huge Tits, Big tits and Huge Naturals. They don’t have to be posted in the previous year. And those that went up the year before will have their numbers divided so I can figure out which were truly the top tops. So if one posted at the end of June of that year, I count all the visits the page got, even if it was from the same person, and divide that number by the number of months it was up for last year. Now I will work from Naturals through February, posting them on the 15th, 20th and the 25th. In March I will do Huge Naturals , posting the same days. In April I will cover the Big Tits, though I might need a tarp (joking). In May on the 20th you’ll get the final Tit Top Top. By being the Breast in Show, the winner is kept off the other lists. And I’m telling you all this now, to prevent anyone from tilting the numbers.

And What Now?

I figured I would give the Boob Jokes from the Kentucky Fried Movie the same treatment as I do other jokes over here, to show you the kind of stuff you are missing over at my Patreon. Uschi Digard graces us with the joke I mentioned. Her large natural breast should never squeak, but I can understand why some at that time might think such a naturally bosomy woman might have some kind of implants. Hence this is why wet boobs would squeak like balloons. The next two are not boob jokes, but are jokes made while there are boobs out, so I’m doing them since I can’t do them over at my Patreon. In our Next Clip, Lenka Novak is Linda Chambers recreating her classing role, and she is shown rolling down a hill yet clothed. The voice over continues and introducing Susan Joyce and Nancy Reems, played by Nany Mann and Betsy Genson. And Finally the movie jokes about how it depicts what truly happens when Catholic high school girls stay out after curfew. Apparently getting whips while topless, by a clown dressed midget is what happens. This is just a small taste of what you’re missing out on over at my Patreon. So why not Become a Patron!

Perspective Improvements

Not everything is made in leaps and bounds, I am trying to figure out how to add the tags so you can see them and the end of every posted, based on what tags were used for each post. If you have a thing for blondes you should be able to go from blonde to seeing all blondes. Currently it just shows you three more posts you might like. The Sculpted tag got finished, and then I found one last Benny Hill GIF I made that could be mistaken for boobs. So I paired it with two other GIFs the Australian Chicken Chain commercial. I gave text to it and a SNL one that I did not make. at least you’ll like seeing Katy Perry on here for the first time.

Patreon Comes Clean

Apparently You can’t do Adult content on Patreon now. So I thought I’d bring my adult titter gifs over here for you all to see. This will let you get an idea of what you’re missing and give me a place to use them.

Bobbi Pavis did not get popular but one part of her career that was big was her tits. Her she has pushed her way into trying on a bikini in the changing room, and the slacker owner of the shop is just ogling her in the one way mirror.

By this time the slacker brother is on the floor having melted from how hot and bothered her got from the view of the dressing room. The straight laced brother is getting annoyed.

He finally looks and has waited too long and another obese woman, (full clothed so it still meets my standards.) is trying one a bikini of all things.

Ted proves while I felt such a connection to Garfield all those years ago.

And We finish with everyone’s favorite three boobed call girl from Total Recall making you wish you had three hands. The actress admitted in an interview even though none of this is her, she still felt shame of exposing herself. The laughter she does in the clip is nervous as she was trying to hide her embarrassment. So this is just a Small Sampling of what you’re missing out on. So Become a Patron!

Tag Take Down

So there are some tags I needed to clean up and since I have found it easier to do that over here at word press. So instead of Heels and Heel, there will only be Heels, if she’s clearly wearings heels, but not if she’s wearing heeled boots or wedges. I will consolidate tanlines and tan lines into just tan lines. Also for a while I misspelled brunettes. So I will remove the misspelling so there is only one. I completely Removed LDM because Linsey Dawn Mckenzie wasn’t as big of a deal on here as I thought she’d be. Finally, I have finished embedding the Gif images off site. I dealed some non-model related posts. Now, the only other way to make room is to move large picture files off site as well. So I will be moving the old wallpapers off site as they are only large files that are easily identified. I’m doing what I can to keep the site up and Free of viruses, ads, maleware and want to keep as much of it in here as I can. You Can also Become a Patron.

So En-TIT-led

So you may have noticed, a lot of my older posts are gaining something they never had before, Titles. Just one of the many improvements I’m making to help you enjoy visiting my site. Here at Breast Centric View we are doing what we can to give you interesting content. So not only do we have Seconds on the Seven’s starting this June, but I will be posting links back to the original gif images I’ve made of various boob related jokes from movies and TV shows. The first one before June will be staring none other than Tom Hanks. Okay it’s more of Angela Aames, but I knew that would get your attention. This won’t always be the case. Subjects of the patreon content have to be funny first, and then be about boobs. I’m currently working on a posting for Elvira/Cassandra Peterson, so you know she’ll be making the crossover. Also There’s one longer original gif among the Karen Walker or Megan Mullally gifs collected here. If you want to see the additional content you only have to Become a Patron!

Your Attention, Please.

Something new is coming to Breast Centric View. Starting June 7th We begin a new feature called Seconds on the 7’s. This will feature twins, triples, sisters or the rare mother Daughter. Half Sisters Count, but stripper “sister or twins” like The Fox Sisters, Jessica and Jerica do not as they aren’t actual sisters. They can have posed together or separately. When the models are fraternal or identical twins or triplets a smaller B cup size is allowed. Otherwise, if one sister, mother or daughter is a C-cup and they posed together, does a B cup model slip in. My Patreon page has been getting Week Gif updates and this will continue. I am currently not watermarking these images in any way so that you can enjoy the joke or view of the breasts as best possible. If I start to see the circulating around reddit or some other place in the internet, that will change. So please don’t spoil for others. And the Best part all formerly offsite loaded gifs are now with one exception back on this site. You shouldn’t have to go elsewhere to look at the ladies here. In Case anyone is wondering her name is Carly Carrigan.

Patreon A Joke

So I started making Unique Content for my Patreon followers, I have opted for doing breast related jokes involving gifs that sometimes I made personally. I will make you feel like are getting something for you single dollar donation at the least. Sometimes they are the punchline and sometimes they are the setup of for the punchline, but to see them you have to become a patreon.

Times They Are a Changing

*Tip Jar Rattles*

Okay, I hate to ask, but I keep this site, Ad free, Cookie free, Virus Free, Malware Free, and Spyware free. I want to have enough room to host everything here, but I can’t. So currently all Gif Images are now shifting to off-site links. This is so I can save on storage and keep posting daily. I can go to a higher tier of storage, but I’m already paying to host this site. So I am basically asking for tips. I’m not looking to make profit, and will enforce a break even on my patreon page. It costs $180 for two years with 13GB of storage. I am currently at over 90 percent of my 6 GB that I currently pay for out of my own pocket. I will keep off loading the Gif images as they are the largest and I will do what I can to keep this place organized and ad free. I’ve put a simple tip option where you can give a buck and you’ll get a personalized thank you and get to ask for some content that I would normally post of your choosing. You want to get something more out of it, I’ll let you dictate three postings of your liking for just a finsky. You want to control a whole weeks worth of content it is only a sawbuck. Now let’s say you love the content and want an entire collection of a model or centerfold. As long as she isn’t over exposed or controlling her image, I’ll collect what I have and what I can get for you and everyone else won’t get it til weeks later for A sawbuck and a finsky. Once I hit $180, I will upgrade my wordpress, hold back from off-siting more gif images, and I will close my Patreon page.

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It was 1980 something . . .

When I was a young man in the 80’s having posters up on my walls was one of the early ways I expressed that I was attracted to the opposite sex. When Samantha Fox hit the scene I knew which attribute attracted me most. There were many Ladies that Graced my Walls. Kathy Smith and Roberta Vasquez have already been featured. The downside is a lot of them were No Names. A few model and some playmates even Vanna White Got in on Posters in the 80’s . Most though were just in and out and gone. So I am going to post my old posters here. If anyone knows who they actually are I’d love to know, I think I might of figured one, but I’m still uncertain on the rest.

The Makings of a Bimbo

I have been working on how to be describe how an entry earns this tag. It is not a measure of promiscuity. It is not a measure of breast size, though implants play a part. It is not a measure of confidence. When I think of a bimbo confidence is the opposite of what they have.

Long hair of any color way past the shoulder and porn star level makeup.

They need to feel worshiped and loved, there is a hollowness that they are trying to fill and being loved and admire for their appearance plays a part. They have to have some plastic surgery, though it doesn’t have to be implants. The plastic surgery, could of been liposuction, having a rib removed, lip fillers, having their nose shaved to remove a bump, buttock implants. They have to look overly made up. They have to look too perfect. You almost mistake them for something Photoshoped. They are always in the littlest amount of clothes, though not always naked. They wear make-up to the pool. Even when not wearing heels their foot some to take on an arch as if they still were in heels. And in their eyes, there is a broken sex doll quality to them. A vacant stare that often looks puzzled. They are often submissive, but always start out in the real world as something that isn’t a real woman, and yet is still before you and as real as anyone else. They normally have all their pubic hair removed. The tramp stamp tattoo is optional.

Aletta Ocean is the personification of being a Bimbo. She has ha multiple plastic surgeries over her career as a porn star and always wears heavy makeup. While Below, Angela White similar in every way isn’t a bimbo. She naturally has big boobs, loves sex and rarely wears heavy makeup. Most importantly no plastic surgery.

What a bimbo is truly, a manifestation of pure sexual desire. either by the viewer or the viewed. She either wants to let go of all of the difficulties and challenges of life so that another, man or woman can keep her in a comfortable life or whomever she is with wants a partner that can only satisfy their sexual wants and no other aspect of their relationship. I know this sounds anti-bimbo, but personally I like them in fantasy only. In reality is it a whole different complication that can only make a relationship harder. But we aren’t here for that. We’re here for the titillation.

In the end, what is hot, will be posted bimbo or not. I will endeavor to keep things a blend of ladies who are either blessed or can afford to look like they are gifted and always Breast Centric.

Only The Breast of Intentions

Okay, if you still here. I thought you might want to know what you’ll continue to find here. All the Ladies featured here will be a minimum of a C Cup in bust size with the exception of twins or greater. Every Model with have a bust size greater thank her waist. I Don’t mind a woman with some padding. Some women put on weight in their chest first, but if you’re looking for large waist ladies you’ll have to go elsewhere. Leanne Crow is very Busty, but at the top end of this scale. Norma Stitz has amazing breasts, but is just too big. Every listing will have the Model’s name so you can go look her up and check out more of her body of work. You won’t see any penises, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see phalluses. A dildo is okay and showing penetration is okay unless there are two ladies. WordPress has a No sex policy and masturbation is not sex. For sex you need a partner so any Girl/Girl layouts will be limited to near touching, but no penetration. Suckling is perfectly fine. Now I will admit I am not a fan of tattoos or piercings, but sometimes the hotness of the girl overrides my distaste for the skin stylings of the model. Now I will also admit that I am not a fan of the Kim Cardashians of the world, but again sometimes they are too hot to ignore. I will try to get to an every other day posting routine. Chats like this don’t ever count. In the past I used to do reposts. You’ll notice they are the entries where only the model name is given. Due to being on WordPress I won’t be doing reposts. Also you can comment on any post. If you want to see something contact me. I will admit I got used to doing ten posts at a time because that is what Tumbler got me used to. On a rare occasion, I will do a post with links to download big slew of pictures of models. Sometimes it will also include movies. These will be downloaded from You may need an extension to download them in browser. I will never give you a virus. The pictures will always be the biggest versions of the picture sets of the model I can find. I will not be paying for content from pay sites and posting it here. If you want site rips ask someone else. Please help me advertise. I like seeing my site get views. Although I can get a Domain, I don’t want to change my address. And in the end I hope you just thank me for the mammaries.

Breasts are not Sacks of Fat

Recently on a Youtube video I witnessed a woman twice declare that breasts were sacks of fat. I felt this was a safe enough space for me to complain about it without any blow back. These supposed sacks of fat are 80 percent glandular and 10 percent skin. I have seen lots of woman who are fat and yet have no breasts. It is a direct reflection of high estrogen levels in a female. Mammary growth happens with estrogen and Grown Hormone. So as a woman develops she swells showing her femininity and how fertile she is by the curve of her bosom. Not to mention how pleasing to the eye circles within circles within circles are to everyone. I can understand that her point of view is from a heterosexual female that isn’t attracted to breasts. Anthropological studies have shown that heterosexual males are drawn to common feminine markers; the curve of the hip or buttocks, the fullness of her pouty lips or soft jawline, the slender of her waist be it high or low, and finally the swell of her bust. So I think her point of view is narrow and she was ill informed on her choice of subject even though she had a nice pair herself. Check the link and gauge her for yourself.

Tag Cleaning Up

So here is how I draw lines to create difference between some of the tags.

Badonk is when the model has that cleavage between but and top of thigh.

Badonkadonk is when there is a sharp change from the slope of her back to the top of her butt.

Tattoo is when there are three or less small tattoos. No tramp stamps.

Tattoos is when it’s big and obvious tattoo in the layout. So if it’s covered up by clothes is falls down to tattoo

Suckle is when one woman is suckling another woman’s nipple, not when she’s licking it with her tongue. Or when she’s suckling her own. I am thinking of doing this one, calling it Self-Suck, since there are no penises, I think it is a safe tag.

At one point I will be taking the two posts with the Tag Puffy and Puffies folding them into Puffy.

Puffy is when the aureola is puffed up from her being such a young developing woman.

Nerp is when she has a large thick nipple, and is not a direct indicator of her nipples being aroused.

Nerd is only when the model has shown proper Nerd Credit or has a Nerdy look to her, as someone else coined the word. Adorkable.

Glasses is when she is wear glasses, not that she needs glasses, and not shades.

Time to Tag in

After much consideration I have decided it’s time to add a huge tits tag to the Natural ladies who happen to be Triple G cup or larger or the enhanced ladies who are Triple H or larger. It will take some time to go over 2000 posts but I will try to get it done within 2 weeks. There may be a Slowdown in new posts as I try to get this done but for the fans of large breasts I’m sure they will appreciate the easier searching for the truly largest busted of the ladies on my Tumblr

Clothed or Covered and Cosplay

I’m going to spell out the differences between these two tags a little clearer for everyone. Clothed is when all the pictures the subject in question are clothed both upstairs and downstairs. Covered is when another item of cloth other than clothes is obscuring her lovelies. If your hands are covering her bosom it does not count as covered. Even if she’s doing what is referred to as a hand bra is account clothes. Dressing up as a sexy nurse does not count as cosplay. But cosplay is not limited to comic book related characters. Movie and Television related characters also qualify. So simply putting a Nurse Ratchett name badge on the sexy nurse turns it into cosplay. And for those who have never read the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest the original Nurse Ratchett was supposed to be a very feminine woman.

Marking My Tag

So some new tags came out and they are fairly obvious. Pony tail for those who like something to pull on like pigtails. Giantess for any ladies six foot two or taller. Long hair has been clarified to mean any hair that meets the small of the model’s waist while her head is still straight. Glasses does not reflect any tags with shades. I do not tag this. That is the skinny for now. The Covered Up Queens have a while to go before I am to be done. Expect more to come.

Covered Lady Lumps

Normally, I’m doing my best to put out Ladies who have shown off their loveliness. But I thought I’d try something different for a bit. So I am going to put out a short list of ladies that have covered up their bosom and not shown it off so much in public. Now, much like my other lists,  there are rules for this list also.  Rule one the ladies can not have intentionally posed nude for a professional photographer. So this means, wardrobe malfunctions, topless beach stormed by the paparazzi, and leaked iPhone pictures do not remove them from this list.  Rule two no straight up internet models, no internet famous people, or Kardashian famous people. Models that became an actress is okay. Rule three, Breast Reduction rules you out. With the exception of cancer. Sorry Queen Latifah. Forth and Final Rule, Double D Cup Minimum. I like Katy Sagal, but just one cup size above average, even with your bra in Fredrick’s of Hollywood’s hall of fame, does not help you shine too much above the American average of a C cup. Now this is the fun part. There is no Ranking here.  If they meet the four rules, and are famous for a skill other than their large breasts, I will put them on the list. At current count I got 15 names. If anyone of my followers can think of a name that they think goes on this list, And it’s not one I’ve already got on my own, they will get credited in her posting.

Comic Boob List

Rule 1. Adult Characters Only. Sorry Fans of Stargirl, Supergirl, Batgirl and so on. Yes at times Batgirl and even Supergirl have been adults, but they are still out for purposes of this list.

Rule 2. Must be active in Comic currently. Sorry Shamrock, you breast are amazing, but you are retired.


Rule 3. Must Have Been in own Book or Team Book. So this leaves a lot of female villains out. Sorry Live Wire.


Rule 4. Must have Hair On head. Some say bald is beautiful. Not Me. Sorry Jinx and Moondragon.


5 The Judging. Will be down on three criteria; Size, Exposure, and Disposition. Even ladies that cover up can be hot. Yes, Kitty Pryde is one of my favorites, but she is now very adult, though started as a teen, she’s off the list for only being small busted. And Granted Different Artist tend to be more generous with the cleavage than some others. I won’t be impartial, as this is my list, if you have comment message me or make your own list.

What makes Vintage

Okay now originally I let anything from the eighties or older be tagged as to this. But I have chosen to open it up to anything that’s 25 years or older at the time of posting. I am not going to go back into all the postings and updating them. ( I lied. I fixed it.) I will just be keeping things straight from here on out. I figured I have to do something special when I hit 1K followers. Not if I hit it, when. I am thinking of doing some short movie posts, I just have to figure out where to get my slightly more racy movies hosted so you all can enjoy them. Thanks all of you.

Breast Centric View

Curvature of the Earth

The Idea of the “Curvature of the Earth” is the explanation of how tall ships seemed to sink as they dropped off the edge of the world as they sailed beyond the horizon.  They were tall enough that they could still be seen beyond the horizon, but as they continues they appeared to sink. In the world of large breasted ladies, this can happen to the nipple. Now this is very apparent on models like Rachel Alana, granted she is a K-cup model even at the start of her career. Sometimes on Models with small aureolas like Minka the large and prominent Nipple can still be seen standing tall poking out beyond the horizon of her breast while the aureola isn’t visible. I will give you visual examples of these too ladies so you can see what I mean. And I’m using a natural and an enhanced Model so you can see it’s just some that happens with the large breasted ladies regardless of how they got that way. This is just one of my personal observations that I felt I needed to share with all those that love large breasts.

A Cold Witch’s Tit or A Cold which is shit.

I’ve been under the weather after the holiday rush, sorry for this being low priority. But I was making a back log of things for here so you won’t be loosing out as long as I’m not loosing sleep. You’ll notice that there is two Ass related tags. There is the simple Badonk and the more advanced Badonkadonk. You might wonder, what’s the difference. Ass like cleavage, can have curves below and above them. if they got good curves below, they at least get badonk. I’m not talking about that small fold that some ladies get where the ass meets the thigh. And the Badonkadonk is when she has both the upper and the lower curve. Now the last part, they both have two meet, which is I have to have posted a picture of it. Amy Anderssen has a nice badonkadonk, but if you can’t see it, I’m not going to tag it.

The Long and the Short of Tit

After doing some thinking and seeing the popularity of my lone entry tag midget, to add Height tags to my posts. I no longer think the word midget is politically correct so I will be using the tag Little as short hand for Little Person. Little will be 5’0″ and shorter. Short will be 5’0.5″ to 5’2″. Amazon will be 5’10” to 5’11.5″. While 6′ and taller will be Giantess. This is because the world average high for female is 5’3″ and the American average 5’6″. I think this creates a fair grading for height. Remember D cups on a small frame look huge, but put them on an Amazon and suddenly they look average. Yes, I’m American so you all have to deal with feet and inches. I’m not going metric for you at all.

Check her bra’s tag first

Okay I’m happy with the changes I’ve made. but I am going to shift some things up. Every 10th, will now be Big tit day. and my normal chat on the 15th, will be pushed back to the 20th.

What is Big tit day? It’s a day of G cup or bigger for the enhanced ladies. F cup or bigger for the natural ladies. This translates to also allowing the triple D cups for naturals, double FF for enhanced, because they normally try to avoid the E cup sizing. For the few that actually call them selves triple E and are enhanced, they also qualify.

Why only one day? There aren’t that many models who fill out to this size. even if you check my tags now very few are in it.

New Tagging system.

If the picture, Not the model, is from the 80’s or later its gets the vintage tag

If the Model is wet with water, Not oil, or standing in water, they get the new water tag.

If the model is clothed or covering herself in all the pictures I post they get the tag clothes.

If the Model has muscle tone, they get the tag fitness.

if the model qualifies for big tit day, they get the big tit tag.

If the natural model has at least double D’s they get the huge naturals tag.

The only question I want to know is. Would you like me to use a huge enhanced tag for those that are enhanced to triple D, but aren’t big enough for big tit day?

It’s never what you think.

As a lover of breasts you have to be careful. When you hear a girl talk about her love of motor boating, assume she’s talking about boating, not the joy you feel from rubbing your face between to luscious mounds of female flesh that you’ve already slathered with your tongue. Honestly I’ve lost track of the times I wanted to show more support for breast cancer research, but when they offer out rubber wrist bands with ‘Save the Boobies’ I have to pretend that it is about a bird like the blue footed boobies, is endangered. I don’t mind telling my lady, that I love the swells of the female form, but I’m certainly not going to advertise it on my wrist. But I do feel reassured at least that when she says she loves motor boating, she’s not talking about boating. TTFN

Keeping You Abreast

Okay Everyone, I enjoyed this first month of getting started. I started with pictures I had then I looked to what others did, but in the end, I just can’t keep the pace of the New content I have been listing. As you may have noticed, I have had less than 5 re-posts of other people’s work. Do I think re-posting is bad? No because that means instead of me going out to find the hot models I want I can go to my few trusted sources and see all the good stuff that’s out there already sorted out. So, When it comes to my tumblr, I am going to try to keep up with a full ten new posts of new stuff, with most posts having at least 3 images. I am however only  going to hold myself to keeping this up on the weekdays. If I slip on a weekend, because of work, social obligations, or a vacation, I’ll try to only slack on the weekends, and do posts that will list in the future on days I know I’m going to be out for. It takes me about an hour and a half of work to sort through the many ladies the others posts to find new pictures of those ladies and post the new material. My time is important to me. I hope all you followers keep around, I know some of you re-post myself and that’s cool, I see that as advertizing for me. I don’t like those posts that are clear advertizements for others. I’m not saying they shouldn’t. I’m just saying I won’t ever do that.

Until next time Breast Centric View

The state of Tit

Let me speak up here for when young women get any kind of cosmetic surgery on their breasts. It doesn’t matter if they are making them bigger or those that make them smaller. You should not do Any Surgery til after you’re at least 23. I understand why the 16 year old with H cup titties wants them gone because she’s getting bullied about them. One, stop the bulling, two, you aren’t done growing yet. You get them fix and you could still end up with larger than post surgery breasts and they could look odd or misshapen, not because of the surgery, but it is a gland, and glands grown how they like, so that added growth makes them oddly shaped. And for the stupid 18 year old girls that get implants, i understand you want to be a bimbo for your master and you want to look hot, but women come in all shapes and sizes and you got to be sure you like what you got before you change it, and as stated, you’re still growing. Do you want you boobs to be lopsided when you’re 22? So that’s my state of the tit address. Brought on by looking at too many playboy girls who got themselves enhanced. Be ready for my next one 30 days from now on he 15th.

Rocky relationship with boulder holders

I love breasts to the point where I wish the ladies took better care of them. more than 65% of women are not wearing a properly fitting bra. This can lead to sore shoulders, bad backs, poor circulation and lumpy looking fits. I’m going to show with my pictures today, about the common problems with bad bras. Tomorrow we’ll return to your regularly scheduled boobage.

The View from Here

Here’s how I see things. Everyone love boobs. I’m here to share my love of all things boobs. Now I’m going to share my love. I’ll try to show the things I don’t love about boobs on the first day of the month. That’s why I didn’t start on the first of the month. On the 15th of every month I’ll share my boob related thoughts. Everyday I will add 10 pictures. I will post who is in the picture if I know it. If the post is art, I will list the character and artist if I know it. They may be my uploads or re-blogs. If someone else owns the rights and asks me to take them down, I will. Now Back to Boobs.