It was 1980 something . . .

When I was a young man in the 80’s having posters up on my walls was one of the early ways I expressed that I was attracted to the opposite sex. When Samantha Fox hit the scene I knew which attribute attracted me most. There were many Ladies that Graced my Walls. Kathy Smith and Roberta Vasquez have already been featured. The downside is a lot of them were No Names. A few model and some playmates even Vanna White Got in on Posters in the 80’s . Most though were just in and out and gone. So I am going to post my old posters here. If anyone knows who they actually are I’d love to know, I think I might of figured one, but I’m still uncertain on the rest.

Australia needs a better way of keeping track of their Models. The brunette is Stacey Gauci, but is also called Stacey Louise, which is what the blond fitness Model is called, But they are both Covered-Up Queens.