Phantom Lady

1 Phantom Lady

DC Comics bought out this Indy Book and thankfully she has seen print with in the time Frame. allowing her to take the top spot. Having always had a skimpy outfit you might wounder why she would have Darkness based powers when it is clear that she wants to be seen. Maybe she got extra points because I came across her at a time in my youth. But that’s My list. Where’s yours?


Granted Her point of Origin is an Indy book, and she has appeared in her own title and is certainly still in comics thanks to her Creator suing Todd McFarlane for the rights to his creation and then selling her to Marvel. Marvel is now Publishing Angela and billing her as Thor’s Lost sister. And Yes I like Neil Gaiman enough to give her the Number 2 spot.

Lady Death

3 Lady Death

I actually got the First Appearance sign by both Artist and writer at a comic book convention before they made it big. Evil Ernie never took off like his Mistress Lady Death. Not all the Cosplayers can pull off her completely white eyes, But a lot of them certainly Fill out her tops.


4 Vampirella

Susie Owens wasn’t the First Model that professionally was paid to appear as a comic book character that Goes to Vampirella.
Barbara Leigh (not Pictured) was the first of Many Ladies to Follow. Cathy Christian Never got her Cover Moment like some of the other models, but 

I had her Poster.


5 Witchblade

Female Police office finds magical gauntlet that can make a protective armor. If the armor covered her more that would take longer to draw and in the interest of sales and publishing on time, the outfit was always skimpy. And Damn if the Cosplayers don’t show this character some love.


6 Ghost

She is at the edge of the 5 year gap, but Ghost from Darkhorse still comes to the number 6 spot. Thanks to her low neckline costume and sometimes waking up naked having accidentally phased out of her clothes proves she’s still a winner in my book. The Adam Hughes art is what put her comfortable at number 6.

Bomb Queen

8 Bomb Queen

This Villain made the list as she met all the criteria and still was in her own book. She stole the 8th spot by not just wearing revealing clothes but having an attitude about sex that showed she was game for anything after becoming the dictator of her City.

Painkiller Jane

9 Painkiller Jane

At this Rate you might think I have a thing for red heads, but this fiery redhead is basically the Punisher with the disability of not feeling pain. This is an actual problem for many people but this comic uses it as an excuse for her to wear skimpy outfits so she can get any bullets she’s been shot with removed.

Cassie Hack

Honorable Mention

To help illustrate the weighing process I give you our only honorable mention, Cassie Hack from the Team or Duo book of Hack/Slash. Last published in 2015. She meets all of the criteria. One the first score she often wears very little, but those is more to draw out the monsters she hunts as well as for eye candy of her male readership. She is the daughter of a serial killer and committed matricide in her first act to ride the world of serial killers and is the basis of her title. She lacks in the size category which cost her some points, but the final part was persona. Which took her off the list. She is likely to beat you to a pulp than beat your meat.


Next on our List is Razor and she is her to point one of of the few reasons why an Indy Comic can loose some point for a character that might be on this list. When she was first published Razor was a Black and White Comic. And I even owned a print of the top image, but she could still not be on this list as her last comic was 2010.


Next Clarifier, Because these are Indy Comics, the Comic had to not intentionally be an Adult Comic. Here We see that Shi, got Naked on Page 1 of her book. but it was done Tastefully. using Hair and Shadow to cover her up so it would not be an adult publication, unlike Lady Domino which featured a Heroine that got naked often in her adventures for pure titillation. Last Publication of Shi was 2008 so it’s been too long for her to qualify.


Next we have a Lady that needed for me to put in a clarifier. A Pin-up Collection is not a comic book. There must be Story and Content. Joe Linsner is an Amazing artist, but he hasn’t put out a story for his beloved Dawn since 2005. Described as drawing his feminine side. he always draw her naked and then added clothes. I have included two shots of Dawn from Julius Zimmerman who I only recently Learned Passed away. You more than your art, will be missed.

Red Monika

The Decisions on the list are purely based on my own opinion. If you have thoughts about my list Contact me. The Weight for each one chose on the list are the same as the other two lists. Exposure, Size and disposition. All of which Red Monika has in Spades from Her Team Book Battle Chasers, Which was last published in 2001. She may have the Curves of Jessica Rabbit, but she clearly lacks the staying power in the industry. Speak of Staying Power, How do those clothes stay on?

Flaxen Susie Owen

Okay it is time to do the Indy Comics Hot Girl List. Rule one, You must be In you own Comic Much Like Susie Owen A.K.A. Flaxen. Or on a team book. Now I made this list in 2017 so You also must have been publish in a New Comic book, not a reprint no later than 2012.  Which is a hard rules, This also means some fell off the list, Just for this Reason alone. Flaxen herself was last Published in 1995.


5 Spider-Woman

Rogue is dangerous if she touches you, but with this one your life is in danger if she just gets in touch with you. Hydra Agent turned for SHIELD that ventured off on her own to be a hunter of Skrulls. She sexy and she knows it, even if she covers up most of the time.

Moondragon & Josasta

Last honorable Mentions pointing out some of the requirements needed for this list. Moondragon sorry no bald chicks, I feel for any cosplay that may have cancer and that this becomes a good choice for you next outfit. Josasta technically she’s always naked, but she’s a robot and those aren’t breasts.

Big Bertha

Marvel Top Boobs

Honorable Mention Big Bertha

Now before you got calling me shallow because she is fat, that’s not why she falls to the honorable mentions. As you may know when not using her powers she’s a hot super model. and when fat her tits are clearly bigger than Deadpool’s head. It’s her lack of control of her power that lands her here. If she could only just make her tits huge and stay small in her waist.

Power Girl

1 Powergirl

As if there was any question who would be number 1 on my list. There was another rule I forgot to state, this was a DC only list, there will be a marvel one, and characters recently bought, don’t count. So Zealot and Fairchild are still Indy characters and aren’t on this list. There will be a marvel list, but this rule holds for them also. So the Spawn’s Angela is also not allowed on that list and counts as an Indy character.


2 Giganta

When she uses her power, her tits are bigger than you. Oddly she loves small men, and dated the Hero named the Atom, and once was chastised by Wonder Woman that if she goes commando that she should at least fall with her legs crossed. 


4 Fire

She often looked more appealing by often standing next to the more demure Ice. A former showgirl model turned spy assassin, fire gain a power of green flame and later it covered her whole body that makes her look naked to the point where she starts a website selling pictures of herself on fire that guys pay to see as they think she’s naked. Basically one step up from a Cam girl, but keeps her dignity.

Big Barda

6 Big Barda

Every rule has an exception that proves the rule. Wielding her Mega Rod (insert Phallic joke here), she never shied away from any confrontation on the battlefield or the bedroom. She is sexy and she knows it, but realistically wore full body armor when going into battle.


Our last Honorable Mention is Knockout, the Redheaded Apocalyptican from Darkseid’s Female Furies. For a while she was Hot to trot for Superboy and is clearly Bisexual so normally that would give her bonus points. She also had no modesty and strutted around naked much to the dismay of the straight males on her team as she was into Miss Scandal Savage at the time. Being Dead makes her an Honorable mention.

Comic Boob List

Rule 1. Adult Characters Only. Sorry Fans of Stargirl, Supergirl, Batgirl and so on. Yes at times Batgirl and even Supergirl have been adults, but they are still out for purposes of this list.

Rule 2. Must be active in Comic currently. Sorry Shamrock, you breast are amazing, but you are retired.


Rule 3. Must Have Been in own Book or Team Book. So this leaves a lot of female villains out. Sorry Live Wire.


Rule 4. Must have Hair On head. Some say bald is beautiful. Not Me. Sorry Jinx and Moondragon.


5 The Judging. Will be down on three criteria; Size, Exposure, and Disposition. Even ladies that cover up can be hot. Yes, Kitty Pryde is one of my favorites, but she is now very adult, though started as a teen, she’s off the list for only being small busted. And Granted Different Artist tend to be more generous with the cleavage than some others. I won’t be impartial, as this is my list, if you have comment message me or make your own list.


From Her ‘I want to Bed Superman’ attitude from when she entered Comics, to her recent, ‘I want to Marry Supergirl’ in the New 52, We have Maxima as an Honorable mention. She’s on the honorable mention list for being both dead and not active in a team or solo book.

Poison Ivy

In honor of my birthday I am going to count down the top ten boobs in DC comics starting with Honorable mentions. Here is Poison Ivy. As she is no longer mammalian, I don’t think we can call what she has as boobs That being she always did like to show them off as small as the often were.