Germaine Love

Don’t make threats to Instagram Models. They are people too. Scaring women away from modeling by telling them how you’d like to hurt them reduces the number of women we all get to look at. Treat them nice. It only takes one rotten apple to ruin it for the bunch.

Serena & Venus Williams

Not a Matched Set, but with Pair you get the Point, Love.

Serena & Venus

As far as my research can tell, Venus did show nipple on this ESPN magazine shoot, while Serena has only had a beach bikini nip slip. There wasn’t much to see as she covered up well. Of the two of them Serena is the Amazon while Venus is the Giantess at six foot one.

Mackenzie Dern

I don’t know why I find women who can kick butt so sexy. It’s not the tattoo on the small of her back that tells that she can handle pain, but her MMA fights that shown she can dish it out too. Thankfully she is proud of her body and has an Instagram account. Maybe someday a magazine will ask her to tastefully cover up herself for a sexy nude that still okay to print.

Alina & Adel Fakteeva

So used to sharing things these identical Russian twins made the news when they claimed they were collectively looking for one rich husband to share. They said he has to be rich to afford the two of them and they are just used to sharing things as they have all their lives. Personally I would just like to see them eat.

Wanda & Zaira Nara

Wanda Got into modeling and tried billing herself as a Professional Virigin, and then a Sex Tape of her dropped. Her sister got into her line of work,

Thankfully the younger sister does not fall into the pit traps of her sister and claims her older sister was always the headline maker. She’s just happy to be sitting off to the left of her spot light.

Kelsey Berneray

This huge natural redhead likes showing off her goods in public. If only every woman felt this comfortable with her sexuality. Some do the pierced nipples for show and some do it for pleasure. For her I’m hoping it’s the later. And she is out top Huge natural, but Not our top big tits. Next we go bigger and do our top 3 big tits.

Jaid & Drew Barrymore

They might not of always seen eye to eye, but what the revealed was an eyeful none the less.

When her daughter Drew posed for Playboy she choose to prove she still had what it takes and pose a few months after her Daughter

She has carved herself a path through Hollywood and is still standing on the other side. She wasn’t scared of even exploiting herself in her Charlie’s Angel Films.

Penelope & Monica Cruz

It must be tough being not only the younger sister of the more famous Penélope Cruz. She is not just your bigger sister, but she’s is also bigger in other ways too. There are the blurry beach shots of her and one oops panty shot, but look elsewhere for that. Here is a few of the sisters together. She does have her older sister to thank for getting her into acting as she stood in for her sister when she was pregnant on the pirate movie.

Penelope on the other hand has done her share of saucy scenes in movies. She has also been snapped at by photographers with telephoto-lenses to get pictures of some of that all so famous boobs she’s already shown in films.