Serena & Venus Williams

Not a Matched Set, but with Pair you get the Point, Love.

Serena & Venus

As far as my research can tell, Venus did show nipple on this ESPN magazine shoot, while Serena has only had a beach bikini nip slip. There wasn’t much to see as she covered up well. Of the two of them Serena is the Amazon while Venus is the Giantess at six foot one.

Mackenzie Dern

I don’t know why I find women who can kick butt so sexy. It’s not the tattoo on the small of her back that tells that she can handle pain, but her MMA fights that shown she can dish it out too. Thankfully she is proud of her body and has an Instagram account. Maybe someday a magazine will ask her to tastefully cover up herself for a sexy nude that still okay to print.

Wanda & Zaira Nara

Wanda Got into modeling and tried billing herself as a Professional Virigin, and then a Sex Tape of her dropped. Her sister got into her line of work,

Thankfully the younger sister does not fall into the pit traps of her sister and claims her older sister was always the headline maker. She’s just happy to be sitting off to the left of her spot light.

Lindsey Pelas

When she posed as a cybergirl for Playboy she was only a Triple D which is what qualified her for huge naturals. Some time after she posed though, which were the not the content of her previous posts, she has claimed to have gotten three cup sizes bigger. She is now qualified for big tits tag. Clearly you can see why this promoter of products is clearly having the eyes of Instagram following her. She gets a cosplay credit for her Sheena of the Jungle. And is our number 2 for 2020 for her huge naturals.

Jackie Gayda

It doesn’t matter if she’s a blonde or brunette this former Diva will happily work up a sweat with you. But this happy mother of three would rather bounce one of her kids on her knee than her bod in the ring. I just hope she is getting all the action she can handle.

Brittany & Cynthia Daniel

These Two originally came at us from Sweet Valley High, with only one of them wanting to continue her career in Hollywood, but when you seen one Identical twin, you’ve seen the other. Thanks to Brittany’s continued work in Hollywood, we even have some nude scenes. I have opted not to include any Sweet Valley High stuff as they were right around 18 at the time, so I’m just playing it safe.