Fifth Standard

When it comes to making a list you have standards. You know that characters that wear less clothes, or get wet, or better naked, are going to gain more favor. Characters that are confident and strong are also going to score better, but also, those that meet the Fifth standard which is be a heroine. A heroine is a lead female character that actively fights against the antagonist or against an oppressive system.

Diana Palmer ‘The Phantom’ Kristy Swanson

They must of strapped her down some to Keep her C-cups under wraps, through the movie she was wearing extra layers and covered up. Too bad Catherine Zeta-Jones Stole every scene she was in with her.

Jenny Blake ‘The Rocketeer’ Jennifer Connelly

Disney didn’t want to use real life Betty Page for the Movie, not just because of the sexual over tones but because she was still alive. We Got Jennifer Connelly and I think we’re better for it. She was in a number of outfits, even fought against her captures, but Jenny was invented for the movie.

Mary Jane Watson ‘Spider-Man’ Kirsten Dunst

Peter Parker’s on again off again romance. She was active in her life, but passive against any antagonist in the film often playing the captive damsel.

Top Ten Movie/TV Heroine

The Break down of how this works.

Okay, this will be similar to my other top ten lists of comic book heroins I’ve done before for DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Indy Comics. So here’s my standards. No underage characters or actresses, which takes out Hit-Girl, and the C-cup minimum cuts out more ladies than you think. My third standard is I’m only allowed to judge based on the show or movie, on set pictures. The downside of this rule is that it will skew things for those with a larger body of work as that character, as well as the actress with the larger bra. This is my list, deal with it or make your own list. My forth standard I will prove here. No single episode characters on this list. All must have a movie or multiple TV episodes.

Maxima Eve Torres

She didn’t even get to enjoy the whole episode of Supergirl when wrestler Eve Torres appeared as Maxima.

Maxima Charlotte Sullivan

Charlotte Sullivan had no trouble appearing as the Queen of Almerac but honestly spent half her time on her episode of Smallville sucking face. I guess when one of those faces is Tom Welling you don’t mind so much. In 2 days The fifth standard.

Tag Take Down

So there are some tags I needed to clean up and since I have found it easier to do that over here at word press. So instead of Heels and Heel, there will only be Heels, if she’s clearly wearings heels, but not if she’s wearing heeled boots or wedges. I will consolidate tanlines and tan lines into just tan lines. Also for a while I misspelled brunettes. So I will remove the misspelling so there is only one. I completely Removed LDM because Linsey Dawn Mckenzie wasn’t as big of a deal on here as I thought she’d be. Finally, I have finished embedding the Gif images off site. I dealed some non-model related posts. Now, the only other way to make room is to move large picture files off site as well. So I will be moving the old wallpapers off site as they are only large files that are easily identified. I’m doing what I can to keep the site up and Free of viruses, ads, maleware and want to keep as much of it in here as I can. You Can also Become a Patron.

Alexa Bliss

This little strumpet went from fitness model with some modest implants to Wreathing to gaining buttock implants to getting even bigger boobs. I understand why she always wants to wear heels, but when you find he leaked photos you’ll see that when it comes to sex there is more than one way to measure a good partner in bed.

So En-TIT-led

So you may have noticed, a lot of my older posts are gaining something they never had before, Titles. Just one of the many improvements I’m making to help you enjoy visiting my site. Here at Breast Centric View we are doing what we can to give you interesting content. So not only do we have Seconds on the Seven’s starting this June, but I will be posting links back to the original gif images I’ve made of various boob related jokes from movies and TV shows. The first one before June will be staring none other than Tom Hanks. Okay it’s more of Angela Aames, but I knew that would get your attention. This won’t always be the case. Subjects of the patreon content have to be funny first, and then be about boobs. I’m currently working on a posting for Elvira/Cassandra Peterson, so you know she’ll be making the crossover. Also There’s one longer original gif among the Karen Walker or Megan Mullally gifs collected here. If you want to see the additional content you only have to Become a Patron!

Tr@ci @dell

She tightly controls her image so I can’t spell her name correctly. but here are some of her rare shots. And a Link over to the Patreon entry I made of her dumb and dumber spot. What’s strange is she got her implants while posing for playboy. So there are some of her before as well as after. Old Post

This way for the patreon Post.

Your Attention, Please.

Something new is coming to Breast Centric View. Starting June 7th We begin a new feature called Seconds on the 7’s. This will feature twins, triples, sisters or the rare mother Daughter. Half Sisters Count, but stripper “sister or twins” like The Fox Sisters, Jessica and Jerica do not as they aren’t actual sisters. They can have posed together or separately. When the models are fraternal or identical twins or triplets a smaller B cup size is allowed. Otherwise, if one sister, mother or daughter is a C-cup and they posed together, does a B cup model slip in. My Patreon page has been getting Week Gif updates and this will continue. I am currently not watermarking these images in any way so that you can enjoy the joke or view of the breasts as best possible. If I start to see the circulating around reddit or some other place in the internet, that will change. So please don’t spoil for others. And the Best part all formerly offsite loaded gifs are now with one exception back on this site. You shouldn’t have to go elsewhere to look at the ladies here. In Case anyone is wondering her name is Carly Carrigan.

Patreon A Joke

So I started making Unique Content for my Patreon followers, I have opted for doing breast related jokes involving gifs that sometimes I made personally. I will make you feel like are getting something for you single dollar donation at the least. Sometimes they are the punchline and sometimes they are the setup of for the punchline, but to see them you have to become a patreon.