Lena Katina

Always the pretty half of Tatu, to the point where the brunette of the group underwent plastic surgery to feel prettier. In the words of the famous song, the girl can’t help it. Though her red hair is indicative of a viking heritage one can’t help but want to be indicative with her.

Peggy McIntaggart

Implants can’t implant talent.

She went from a bit part nude scene in a Movie with Jeff Goldblum into a blink and you’ll miss it appearance in Beverly Hills Cop 2. After this it looked like her luck was changing she got front and center rolls in productions that were B movies. She got to keep her clothes on in Phoenix the Warrior, and in Lady Avenger she was not only the lead, but it was a revenge film. She only had a brief topless love scene in Lady Avenger. The GIF to that can be seen here. She then gets a smaller roll in a Tommy Chong production. She plays a Band groupie and has one nude scene where she gets down to her undies before getting into the tub with Tommy Chong. It’s good to be the director, lead actor, writer and producer. She is no prude. She was Miss Nude World 1981 when she was 20, but she was only competing against fifteen other contestants. She had also done bikini contests up in Canada. When trying to get work in Hollywood, she posed for Playboy.

She made two small layout appearance before test shooting for a centerfold. The First was just called Legs, while the second was Denim Daze. It gave her a taste and she worked with Playmate of the Year, Barbara Edwards. She doesn’t talk about her implants but clearly this was the choice made to help with the loss of the blossom of her youth and she would become a playmate. Even in her test shoot she doesn’t have her implants yet. and they don’t look that bad. She certainly had more curve than she did in the Tommy Chong movie. But look at this last comparison she looks like a B-cup in demin daze compared to her D-cup size in her layout.

After being a playmate, she made a single scene appearance on Baywatch, where she actually got lines. She then got the only non-nude supporting lead role, in yet another B movie. The Gifs of some of the good bits are on the same aforementioned GIF link. Now I don’t know what happened in the three years between the movie and her appearance on Herman’s Head, but she could act. She posed in a Hot Rod Magazine in between. Maybe it could of been the director bringing out her talent, but on Herman’s Head she had a double role as the playmate Herman imagined her to be in his mind, and as the actual playmate in the real world that was more a person and less the plaything he had imagined. But after that her goals changed and either Hollywood stopped calling or Peggy moved on. She did appear in some Glamour Cons. which if you all did not know is where playmates, adult models and even porn stars go to met their fans and help stir up interest in themselves. Here at Breast Centeric View as can only hope that Glamour Con will continue in the times to come.

Liv & Mia Tyler

Half Sisters are just Sisters from another Mister.

How does B-Cupper Liv get on Breast Centric View, By Having her younger bustier half-sister model pose topless and here you have them.

At Breast Centric View, we will admit that Mia is at the boundary of what we will post, but she isn’t on the other side because here she is. For those that are new here, that boundary is that the waist should not exceed the hips.

Liv’s form definitely filled out post kids and her sister helps her come to help this pair hold an entry of Breast Centric View.

Tatiana Kotova

This Russian beauty may have posed for her local playboy, but as far as I have found still covered herself up. This is why an entry can have covered, but yet not get the tag clothes. We got a branch, an arm bra and wet or gossamer fabric barely covering her. She was Miss Russian in 2006 and went on to be a model/singer.

Karina Zvereva

It would not surprise me to find out she got implants judging by her fitness photo I have centered on. This actress, model, dancer and producer loves showing on her form in what ever form she takes it into. let’s just hope she gets more main stream work.

Eva Marie

Natalie Marie Nelson may be better known by her WWE name, but even if you didn’t know about her fame she has looks that could turn heads. How can you not look at the flag bikini on her and not feel a rise in you . . .patriotism.

Before I Go And Here After

Hope you all liked the review of the top tits. I don’t know if I’ll do it like that again next year. I do feel that went well. I’m not promoting Breast Centeric View like I did last year. If anyone has any tips in that regard, I am open to ideas. The seconds on the 7’s is going to have to run it’s course, as I think it’s good, but it is getting harder to find new content. So unless anyone of you have some ladies you’d like to nominate, that series has an end in sight. Lastly, my new before and after series is only 7 playmates long, and this is intentional. I am liking the progress on the Before and After posts. I know there are other women who have gotten implants and then posed for Playboy, but there needs to be enough before material and enough after material. Now if you like the content her why not support it, you’ll get access to many funny GIFs I’ve personally made at my Patreon site. I don’t do this for profit. I do this for fun and there are no ads on my site so Become a Patron!

Sara Jean Underwood

Small Implants, Big Impact

Before she slipped under my radar. A natural A Cup beauty that rose from just one model in a Girls of Pack 10 layout to the prominence of Playmate of the Year. You can even watch episodes of the Girls Next Door to see this girl next door earn her title. This is not an easy feat for a natural girl in the post Anna Nicole/Pamela Anderson world of Playboy. In May of 2009, she choose to get herself saline implants from Hef’s recommend surgeon. Originally she wanted just to go to a B cup but was talked into going for a C cup and has been happy to show them off since. She had always wanted bigger breasts as she had used falsies and padded bras through out college. She knew she wanted to work in front of the camera thanks to her small exposure of it at the mansion. They got her a foot in the door on Black Belt TV, but I recall reading an interview on how she kept doing what she could to get on G4’s Attack of the Show. Her nice new implants were not needed, but it didn’t hurt, as her cute face and eagerness to perform proved her best assets getting her on as a corespondent for the show. More GIfs with a tease for the next Before and After.

Austin White

Coming in at Number one, the Most clicked on Model, should come to no surprise. From her cultivating a 50’s style pin-up look to her full on features on her website. It is worth it to go and give her your business so you can see her stir up her business. Before and after has been move to tomorrow, you are not getting an extra double day to day that happens only on the 7’s.

Julianna Young

Coming in third for our Most Clicked on Enhanced Model is Julianna Young. Which is Ironic, because, at the time of her posing for Playboy, she became the Oldest Playmate for the magazine. Her looks road hard on the Bimbo barbie look that was coming our of Playboy lately, but added a Milf quality to it that was not had before. For the US she is still the second oldest playmate as Rebecca Ramos is the oldest. Internationally, I heard there is even an older one, but it sounds like she was some local celebrity of a degree of fame that would not pose for the magazine unless she was made a playmate. I don’t think Hef would have approved. Just offer them more money is how he always did it.

Susan Sarandon & Eva Amurri

Mother/daughter pair make photographers lose focus.

If you want to see more GIFs check them out over here. Mother helped Daughter get into Hollywood, but her father could of gotten her into film just as well. Not only did Daughter take after her mother’s acting talent, but like her mother isn’t put off by minor nudity. Both have nice natural curves with out any enhancements outside of a bra.

Erika Eleniak

Before & After with Erika Eleniak

As your eyes you can see, her choice of plastic surgery did wonders for her figure. Her career sparked when she had to kiss Eliot in E.T. From there she did a horror movie and some TV acting. Her career charged ahead when she did what is often seen as the pilot for Baywatch which was called ‘Baywatch: Panic at the Malibu Pier’. That year she also came out as a Playmate Centerfold, Miss July 1989. They even used her issue as a movie prop in the movie Under Siege. When she came back for the Baywatch series she thought it was going to be like a Cop drama but with lifeguards, which for the first season it kind of was. When the second season started that all changed.

In an interview with Esquire Magazine, her male co-stars revealed that when Erika came back for season two she had gotten her implants. As the filming began, she started wearing coats and covering up. In her defense, she admitted that when they filmed Baywatch empty beaches were required, so they film in the winter months. It was still southern California, but cold at least for that part of the world. She also saw which way the wind was blowing and asked for the writers to write her out of season three. She was only in the first two episodes of that season which was a two-parter. Pamela Anderson was introduced and more titillating programing permiated the series. Erika wanted to get back into film. She went from the aforementioned Under Siege to Elly May Clampett in a movie version of the Beverly Hillbillies. Chasers was next and it did not do well even with Erika doing sex scene to spice up the film. Her last big movie was Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood. The film had nudity, none of it was hers as she played a prudish character but got a lot of screen time. In one scene Angie Everhart’s character feels up Erika’s character who was tied down. The film clearly used a body double to achieve the shot. From there, her goals change, and she took smaller roles. I’m not sure if her choice to go for the upgrade helped her career at all. I think she still would have landed the Under Siege role and coming off of Baywatch certainly gave her name recognition. The third season of Baywatch exploded in popularity as many adolescence exploded into puberty. From the few interview she has given, she doesn’t talk about anything she’s had done cosmetically. Nicole Eggert, whom she shared the small screen with, went on to work on Baywatch and Nicole got implants. Baywatch’s producers have come forward to say that neither of them were ever asked to do that. Nicole has been a bit more forward about the work she’s had done and then undone. Maybe some day Erika will come forward and talk about her former implants. If you’re still reading this here’s a link to a ton more GIFs I made of her.

Even under the compression of her bathing suit, she’s as busty as she was without implants naked. Maybe that was the disconnect. I heard she also got a bunch of tattoos on her arms which is often done when a person wants to retake ownership of her body back. I’m sorry for what the lens of Hollywood put you through my dear.

Choose, Bust Choose Swell.

It is easy for anyone to gain a sense of a positive view of models choosing to enhance their bust from reading the posts here at Breast Centric View.  Today this post is going to clear up the views so it’s on the record. Previously, it has been stated  that reductions are always okay when a life is on the line. Merilyn Sakova was renown for her huge breasts, but when a doctor started finding lumps she had a reduction and that ended her modeling career. Her life is more important that her large breasts.

Many Models also run into problems with their implants. Karen McDougal has famously gone on the record of the number of physical ailments that she was suffering with her implants so she got them removed. Kitten Natividad was famously worried that if she got her implants removed that she would no longer recognized by her fans.

The choice to get any surgery for what ever reason is always the choice of the model. We never look to any model demand she get surgery. Some Models that choose to go under the knife choose to so they can return closer to their shape when the model was in her prime. If a model chooses to do so an yet is under the age of twenty-two , then she has chosen foolishly. Sometimes women who even get reductions before turning twenty-two find that a year or two after surgery their breasts have grown back. Now imagine for a young woman’s eighteen birthday her well to do parents pay for her to finally get the breasts she always wanted. She later finds out that they grow even bigger because many women experience growth till they are twenty-two.

Hollywood and the media put such pressures on woman and how they view their body. Some women get reductions others get implants. Here were’ going to look at seven different Playboy models, Most of them Playmates and examine how their choice effected them and their career. Starting in May, every other Tuesday a new one will be posted. One of them has been featured before. We will go from one end of the spectrum to the other. In the end supporting the choice of the model and what she is sporting is the position of Breast Centric View. If a model is unhappy about her choice it will show in her work, which we will see with our first posting on May 11th. If you like the content here do consider Becoming a Patron! Where you will find more of my personally made breast centered joke GIFs.

Alyssa Alps

She has another tattoo on her butt that says Hot Stuff with the Harvey Character of the same name. She only ever got naked, never showed you her tonsils and rarely posed with any one else. If you want to see her with other models, she did one video for Score Magazine for the Boob Cruise. I don’t know if she even shared the screen with anyone even in this video.

Lindsey Pelas

When she posed as a cybergirl for Playboy she was only a Triple D which is what qualified her for huge naturals. Some time after she posed though, which were the not the content of her previous posts, she has claimed to have gotten three cup sizes bigger. She is now qualified for big tits tag. Clearly you can see why this promoter of products is clearly having the eyes of Instagram following her. She gets a cosplay credit for her Sheena of the Jungle. And is our number 2 for 2020 for her huge naturals.

Alana & Leilani Soares

Only 19 when she became Playmate of the Month for 1983, Alana soon roped her younger sister into the parties and adventures she was having as a playmate. They made the briefest of 5 seconds appearance in Beverly Hills Cop 2 play volleyball for the team in white bikinis. Alana is very noticeable thanks to hear height and actually looking towards the camera from where she was positioned on the court. Alana never performed for a Video Calendar for playboy, but she did some smaller bits, so I have clipped out and made GIFs of anything worthy. Enjoy.

Jaid & Drew Barrymore

They might not of always seen eye to eye, but what the revealed was an eyeful none the less.

When her daughter Drew posed for Playboy she choose to prove she still had what it takes and pose a few months after her Daughter

She has carved herself a path through Hollywood and is still standing on the other side. She wasn’t scared of even exploiting herself in her Charlie’s Angel Films.

Penelope & Monica Cruz

It must be tough being not only the younger sister of the more famous Penélope Cruz. She is not just your bigger sister, but she’s is also bigger in other ways too. There are the blurry beach shots of her and one oops panty shot, but look elsewhere for that. Here is a few of the sisters together. She does have her older sister to thank for getting her into acting as she stood in for her sister when she was pregnant on the pirate movie.

Penelope on the other hand has done her share of saucy scenes in movies. She has also been snapped at by photographers with telephoto-lenses to get pictures of some of that all so famous boobs she’s already shown in films.