Rosie & Renee Tenison

So her identical twin sister sends her photos into Hef to get into his magazine. They want twin but not her identical twin sister. They turn her down because they are considering her twin for a centerfold. The month just prior they had Dutch identical twins and didn’t want to repeat themselves with yet another set of twins. Yet Renee is so well received she becomes the first African-American Playmate of the Year, so they later opt to have her and her twin pose for a special layout in Cuba. They did calendars and more Afrocentric magazine layouts in addition to modeling for the playboy catalog.

Dani Mathers

It was small of this short playboy model to take pictures of a woman’s who body she did not like and post it on line with out her asking and speaking ill of her. So turn about is fair play. how about she get that mole checked? Personally I don’t like big smilers, but that’s just me.