Alexis Tyler

I wonder why so many women grow up thinking how great it would be to pose for Playboy. Is there an allure to being ogled by the camera, for allowing untold strangers to peer voyeuristically upon their naked form, to unabashedly display their bare body before god and all? Personally I think she wanted to show off her thigh gap and this was the best way to do it.

Julianna Young

Coming in third for our Most Clicked on Enhanced Model is Julianna Young. Which is Ironic, because, at the time of her posing for Playboy, she became the Oldest Playmate for the magazine. Her looks road hard on the Bimbo barbie look that was coming our of Playboy lately, but added a Milf quality to it that was not had before. For the US she is still the second oldest playmate as Rebecca Ramos is the oldest. Internationally, I heard there is even an older one, but it sounds like she was some local celebrity of a degree of fame that would not pose for the magazine unless she was made a playmate. I don’t think Hef would have approved. Just offer them more money is how he always did it.

Janet Lupo

And Here is the top Clicked Big Tits for 2020, Janet Jupo. There isn’t much I can say about this Lady. It is a shame she’s no longer with us. There are no movies of her. Playboy dropped the ball in not going back through its catalog of women when video became a thing.

Alyssa Alps

She has another tattoo on her butt that says Hot Stuff with the Harvey Character of the same name. She only ever got naked, never showed you her tonsils and rarely posed with any one else. If you want to see her with other models, she did one video for Score Magazine for the Boob Cruise. I don’t know if she even shared the screen with anyone even in this video.