3. Wonder Woman – Diana Prince

Lynda Carter “Wonder Woman” (TV)

President Olivia Marsdin – ‘Supergirl’

Principal Powers – “Sky High”

There is nothing sexier than a confident woman. She says, she only felt more confident in her body as she got older. When dressed as the heroine Wonder Woman, she worried about loosing all of five pounds just to look better under her costume. Her show helped female stunt women create a career for themselves and on the rare occasion they still had to use a man to fill in her role. As Wonder Woman she used her heart as much as she used her brawn to solve problems, and when under cover, she used her figure too. from stepping into a beauty pageant, to going under cover in a spa with a swim suit, she did it all.

Honorable Mention #1

Red Sonja ‘Red Sonja’ Brigitte Nielsen

This redhead Amazon standing at six foot one is a true giantess. You can’t help but get distracted by her form when watching form in combat. Offset by Arnold Schwarzenegger it only made her femininity more evident. The only downside is she waited till after this movie to get her implants giving her DD’s. This is the first movie I ever saw with a female lead protagonist where her goal wasn’t a man. Now if the movie could of just been better.

Sheena ‘Sheena: Queen of the Jungle’ Tanya Roberts

This blonde, brave enough to headline the movie and have a nude scene, may not be the greatest of actresses, but she was a Bond girl and thanks to her small role on ‘Beastmaster’ attracted a lot of people’s interest to her film work. I’m just glad she posed for playboy to promote her movies.

Fifth Standard

When it comes to making a list you have standards. You know that characters that wear less clothes, or get wet, or better naked, are going to gain more favor. Characters that are confident and strong are also going to score better, but also, those that meet the Fifth standard which is be a heroine. A heroine is a lead female character that actively fights against the antagonist or against an oppressive system.

Diana Palmer ‘The Phantom’ Kristy Swanson

They must of strapped her down some to Keep her C-cups under wraps, through the movie she was wearing extra layers and covered up. Too bad Catherine Zeta-Jones Stole every scene she was in with her.

Jenny Blake ‘The Rocketeer’ Jennifer Connelly

Disney didn’t want to use real life Betty Page for the Movie, not just because of the sexual over tones but because she was still alive. We Got Jennifer Connelly and I think we’re better for it. She was in a number of outfits, even fought against her captures, but Jenny was invented for the movie.

Mary Jane Watson ‘Spider-Man’ Kirsten Dunst

Peter Parker’s on again off again romance. She was active in her life, but passive against any antagonist in the film often playing the captive damsel.

Lulu Devine & Toppsy Curvey

These two Local Boston Performers, were magazine stars at a time when such large natural breasts were on display. Personally I’ve seen Toppsy once at a local club. Friendly and warm these two have traveled the world taking off their close and are now retired. Lulu for some time even in retirement posed for her fans. 2nds On 7’s

Tr@ci @dell

She tightly controls her image so I can’t spell her name correctly. but here are some of her rare shots. And a Link over to the Patreon entry I made of her dumb and dumber spot. What’s strange is she got her implants while posing for playboy. So there are some of her before as well as after. Old Post

This way for the patreon Post.

Judy Landers

I wanted to do a segment on the Woman that Sang the song Tits and Ass in the Show Chorus Line, but at a B-Cup I couldn’t touch her, but her Sister thought she was an enhanced C-cup and also posed with her in Playboy. No nudity, but still she was a happy memory form the 80’s, lots of TV and some film work.

Kimberly Mcarthur

She was Busy in Hollywood, but wanted to go serious, I think her music Video was her last try to get her career off the ground before she gave up. Where ever you are, Kimberly Mcarthur, you left a big impression on every guy who admired your body of work. And trust me, her body was a piece of work.  This time more movies in the downloads so enjoy.


Cynthia Myers


Cynthia Myers

  • PMOM: December 1968
  • Pictorials: Playmate Review 1968, January 1969; The Dolls of Beyond the Valley, July 1970; Sex Stars of 1970, December 1970; Twenty Years of Playmates, January 1974; Portfolio: Pompeo Posar, December 1976; Bunny Birthday, December 1980; Women of the Sixties, January 1989; The Immoral Mr. Meyer, June 1995; Playmate Revisited, May 1996; Sex Stars of the Century, January 1999; Centerfolds of the Century, January 2000;
  • Special Editions: Book of Lingerie 57, 1997; Celebrating Centerfolds Vol. 3, 1999; Centerfolds of the Century, 2000; Girls of Playboy 1, 1973; New Holiday Album, 1981; Playmates – The First 15 Years, 1983; Pocket Playmates 5, 1996; Pompeo Posar – A Portfolio of Beautiful Women, 1985; Sex Stars of the Century, 1999; Sexiest Playmates, 2001; Voluptuous Vixens, January 1998
  • Cover: December 1968
  • Calendars: 1970, 1971, 1972
  • Foreign: Japanese photo book Playmates 312, 1980; Japanese photo book Playmates Collection #2, 1982
  • Born: Sept. 2, 1950, Toledo, OH
  • Died: Nov. 4, 2011, Los Angeles, CA

Cynthia was raised by her mother Mary, her grandparents, and
various aunts and uncles after her father was killed in a car accident
when she was four years old. She was a competitive horseback rider and
worked part-time as a theater usher while growing up. She was initially
offered opportunities to model at age 14. In 1967 Cynthia began modeling
for Detroit auto shows. She graduated from Woodward High School in

The photo shoot for Cynthia’s pictorial was in June 1968, when she was 17. Her pictorial was titled Wholly Toledo!
because of Cynthia’s hometown and large breasts. According to Cynthia,
she was 13 when her breasts began to develop to the size 39 DD they were
at the time of her pictorial. Her pictorial received so much fan mail
from soldiers fighting in Vietnam that the mail couldn’t fit in her
apartment at the Playboy Mansion and had to be placed instead in storage
units. Cynthia wrote personal replies to every soldier in Vietnam who
wrote her a letter. Her centerfold appears in the 1987 film “Hamburger
Hill” and in the 1989 film “The Siege of Firebase Gloria.“

Cynthia  made frequent appearances on the “Playboy After Dark” TV
series in 1969. She had uncredited roles in “The Lost Continent” (1968)
and “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?“ (1969) before taking the leading
role of the sensitive bisexual rock and roll singer and bass player
Casey Anderson in Russ Meyer’s “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” (1970).
She followed this with a supporting role in the Western, “Molly and
Lawless John” (1972).

For a while, Cynthia worked as a door greeter at the Playboy Club in
Chicago. She continued to model as “Miss Earthquake” in magazine print
ads for Cerwin-Vega stereo equipment in the early 70s. She lived in Las
Vegas and Southern California.

In 1994, it became known that a nude photo of Cynthia (along with
fellow playmates Angela Dorian, Reagan Wilson and Leslie Bianchini) was
scanned and inserted into Apollo 12 Extra-vehicular activity astronaut
cuff checklists by pranksters at NASA.

In 2009, Cynthia became a spokeswoman for Schlitz Beer.

The mother of a son, Cynthia was a popular and frequent guest at
autograph conventions held all over the country. She was voted #10 in a
pole for PMOMs of the Century in 2000.

Cynthia died of lung cancer on Nov. 4, 2011, at age 61 in Los Angeles, CA.

Patricia Farinelli

Patricia Farinelli Was a Party girl from her layout till becoming born again in 1984, but still promotes Playboy and it’s brand and is pleased with her time for those years. Now she lives the life of a good mom and enjoys a quieter life. But here’s to those Happy Memories of her misspent youth.  This download includes her profile video.