Sara Jean Underwood

Small Implants, Big Impact

Before she slipped under my radar. A natural A Cup beauty that rose from just one model in a Girls of Pack 10 layout to the prominence of Playmate of the Year. You can even watch episodes of the Girls Next Door to see this girl next door earn her title. This is not an easy feat for a natural girl in the post Anna Nicole/Pamela Anderson world of Playboy. In May of 2009, she choose to get herself saline implants from Hef’s recommend surgeon. Originally she wanted just to go to a B cup but was talked into going for a C cup and has been happy to show them off since. She had always wanted bigger breasts as she had used falsies and padded bras through out college. She knew she wanted to work in front of the camera thanks to her small exposure of it at the mansion. They got her a foot in the door on Black Belt TV, but I recall reading an interview on how she kept doing what she could to get on G4’s Attack of the Show. Her nice new implants were not needed, but it didn’t hurt, as her cute face and eagerness to perform proved her best assets getting her on as a corespondent for the show. More GIfs with a tease for the next Before and After.

Austin White

Coming in at Number one, the Most clicked on Model, should come to no surprise. From her cultivating a 50’s style pin-up look to her full on features on her website. It is worth it to go and give her your business so you can see her stir up her business. Before and after has been move to tomorrow, you are not getting an extra double day to day that happens only on the 7’s.

Kayla Lowden

When you’re only five foot one your hair doesn’t have to be that long to make the long hair standard. Sorry I had a hard time find her by herself as this college age porn star and web cam model likes to party with everyone and anyone.